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New chatbot helps at-risk Arizona families connect to the help and information they need

PHOENIX, ARIZ. January 11, 2024  — The new Together for Arizona (T4AZ) Chatbot is helping families near or in crisis and the providers who serve them connect to information and resources more conveniently and faster than what has been humanly possible. Right now, individuals can use the chatbot to quickly find food, clothing or cell phone support with the easy-to-use and anonymous virtual chatbot. 

Few things are more essential to the safety and well-being of children than securing basic needs that are foundational in all strong families. But too many Arizona families are struggling to get what they need, when and where they need it, to thrive. That disconnect often leaves children vulnerable to abuse and neglect and puts families at risk of contact with the state child protective services system. 


“Arizona has resources available to meet the needs of children and families, but the availability of these resources doesn’t matter unless families also know where and how to access them,” said Claire Louge, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. “The Together for Arizona Chatbot is a tool designed to make sure families can quickly find what’s out there to help them where they are.”


The T4AZ Chatbot, co-created and co-developed with Valley Leadership’s Child Well-Being Impact Team, has mobile and computer applications and is available in English and Spanish. Users can use the web-based Chatbot or SMS anonymously during times that are convenient for them, and, with the power of technology, they will spend less time searching to get connected with resources. 


The new technology is a result of a game-changing, public-private effort to improve family well-being. Valley Leadership’s Impact Maker, 211 Arizona, Family Involvement Center, caregivers with lived-experience and many other community stakeholders collaborated as part of Together for Arizona’s Action Team to put this exciting tool in the hands of families across Arizona.


“The T4AZ Chatbot is leveraging technology in a way that’s not really been done before and will be a game-changer in helping families get the services they need,” said Stephen Flaaen, Valley Leadership Impact Maker team member. “With the help of dozens of subject matter experts and lived/system experts, it’s been exciting to be a part of a team to build it and help the Chatbot evolve.”


Efficiently meeting needs with quality resources can help reduce stressors for families. Using chatbot will minimize the number of websites and tools necessary to connect with a provider that meets their needs. It gives providers a better way to deliver resources, and it provides data for making important adjustments. 

Join our webinar: Register for our webinar on January 30, 2024 at 1pm to learn more about the Chatbot and how you can help activate it. Register today.

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About Together for Arizona

Together for Arizona, formerly known as the Collective Impact for Child Safety and Well-Being initiative, brings together institutions, practitioners, decision-makers and community members with lived experience to analyze data, identify strategies, and launch improvement solutions. It exists to ensure that all children and families throughout Arizona are safe, stable, and flourishing.

For more information, contact:  Shannon Gnam, Director of Community Collaboration at Together for Arizona sgnam@azcouncil.com 

T4AZ Family Support Chatbot Launch